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Care Partner Feature Story

Your Life & Their Recovery
by Max Szadek

All his experience as a Professional Assistant could not prepare Max for his new full-time job as Luther's Care Partner.

Care Partner of the Month- Spring 2008

Madline Brown
Houston, TX

"God’s blessings are abundant and sometimes come in different forms. Another blessing came on June 27, (the next day) at 3:00 a.m. My husband arose to go to the restroom and had a problem walking."

Care Partner of the Month-Fall 2007

Marjorie S. Gibson
Gary, IN

Marjorie S. Gibson was one of the original founders of The Gifted and Talented Program in the United States. Author, professor and mother, she was an avid supporter of her own children, and children all over the world until her death in 1983.

Care Partner of the Month-Spring 2007

Dr. Rosie I. Richmond-Whalum
Memphis, TN

"As a care partner to a multiple stroke survivor, I take one day at a time. Some days I manage to juggle all "my hats" successfully, while other days are a struggle. However, I keep the faith and hope alive by focusing on my health (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Care Partner of the Month - August-November 2006

Sherone M. Mayes
Chicago, IL

The road this lady has chosen to travel may not be seem like the most convenient one, but she is a living testament that the greatest rewards are in giving, not receiving. We honor her loving spirit and beautiful sense of selflessness.

Care Partner of the Month - May-July 2006

Mary Jean Johnson
East Point, GA

Mary Jean has found a strong anchor that keeps her love for her husband alive. She sees the hope in Joe's fight to control his health and is learning a deeper level of love and support. Life is clearer now than before her husband's stroke. Her faith has been tested but she remains faithful.

Care Partner of the Month - November 2005-April 2006

Our feature Care Partner, Mary Ida Vandross, returns to the spotlight from the Gallery archives. Mrs. Vandross lost the last of her children on July 1, 2005. His name was Luther. Her care for him was obvious. She brought him into the world; but she also watched him leave it. We marvel at how amazing she is as a care partner and proudly salute her for a second time.

Care Partner of the Month - September / October 2005

Shirley Smith
Mount Vernon,NY

After years of devoted work Shirley was looking forward to the promise of a stable retirement. Instead she found herself caught in a whirlpool of struggles that not only caused a major change in her personal plans but also the lives of everyone around her.

Care Partner of the Month - May-August 2005

Josephine Figueroa
Bronx, NY

Josephine takes a great pride in watching and assisting with her sister's recovery. She's filled with wonder and amazement as she assists with the healing process and finds that her own spirit is being healed as well.

Care Partner of the Month - March / April 2005

Mary Ida Vandross (with Hazella)
Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Vandross has exhibited tremendous courage and a consistently loving spirit. We join hearts in wishing her continued strength and peace.

Care Partner of the Month - January / February 2005

Our feature Care Partner, Maxine Smith-Pendarvis, returns to the spotlight from the 2004 Gallery archives for July/August. You should take the time to read the original gallery story and then read the following update. She is living proof that as one season passes, another begins. It also speaks as living testimony for Stroke of Hope as an effective support vehicle.


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Care Partner of the Month - November / December 2004

Roberta Laws
Brooklyn, NY

"Selfless, loving, obedient and steadfast" are but a few of the words that illustrate Roberta's response to her most challenging times. Sharing the insightful story of her loss makes us all a little bit stronger.

Care Partner of the Month - September / October 2004

Ted Levy
Jupiter, FL

This is a man whose love runs deep, whose values are high and whose commitment is eternal. He’s been refined by a fire that seems impossible to bear… a fantasy life that slowly crumbled into a living nightmare. But he continues to persevere and embrace the passion of life from moment to moment.

Care Partner of the Month - July / August 2004

Maxine Smith-Pendarvis
Mount Vernon, NY

She’s beautiful and elegant, stately in her demeanor but quiet and patient. She’s learning the role of double Care Partner to her new husband and his twin brother. Maxine’s life took a sudden unexpected turn, but she’s moving forward without regrets. She finds the positive in everything.

Care Partner of the Month - May / June 2004

Robert Woodson, Sr.
Mount Vernon, NY

The responsibility that accompanies the commitment of marriage is an awesome task. During the romance and initial union, it's difficult to even consider the possibility of a life-altering event that will affect not only your spouse's life, but your own as well.
Care Partner of the Month - March / April 2004

Mark Ryan
Yonkers, NY

The difficulty and frustration of losing a lifetime companion is difficult enough within itself, but Mark has demonstrated a remarkable amount of strength and courage as he continues to recover from the grief of his loss while at the same time fighting his way through personal physical challenges and looking forward to forging a new life.
Care Partner of the Month - January / February 2004

Kathy Batchie
Elmsford, NY

It takes a mighty strong constitution to overcome the challenges and effects of watching your child transition from total independence to disability. Kathy's positive confidence continues to give her strength day by day.
Care Partner of the Month - December 2003

Oliver LaVar
Yonkers, NY

(Boarding at Northfield Mt. Hermon School in Northfield, MA)

Being an effective Care Partner isn't exclusively an adult issue. Oliver was only 11 years old when he was confronted with the reality that his mother was suddenly changed forever. We admire his strength of character and resolve to do everything he knows how to help his mother with her continuing recovery.
Care Partner of the Month - August 2003

Chrissie Brantley
Cold Spring, NY

Care Partnering is an awesome responsibility -- especially if the Survivor you're caring for is your twin. We applaud Chrissie Brantley's tremendous emotional strength and fortitude during this major transition of her life.


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