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Stroke Survivor of the Month - May / June
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Maria Rivera
Bronx, NY

When I got home I was unable to walk at all. My left side was completely weak. I basically needed help with everything. I was at my house for a while then they moved me to my sister's house. I was depressed but I wanted to be home. But my son, my daughter and my sister thought I'd be better off at my sister's because she came to my house to sleep. My children thought I was imposing on my sister and they moved me so I could be closer to her but that was a big mistake…I should have stayed in my own house. I really wasn't getting better care because I had the home health aid at my house and the care was essentially the same. The home health aid would prepare food during the day and my sister would prepare my dinners.

I had in-home physical therapy for a month and a half. At that point he said I wasn't making enough progress and according to the Medicare regulations he couldn't continue. Then I contacted Stroke of Hope and everything's been fine. You've given me the motivation and I'm actually happy to see the recovery trainers come because I know I'm going to get some progress. I just feel encouraged enough to try harder. Today I forced myself to walk all the way to the door and tried to come back because I'm tired of lying in the bed. I feel like I'm a prisoner and I just say I've GOT to get out of there, I've GOT to get out.

My left side is regaining strength with some difficulty, but I'm moving it. Two trainers come to work my whole body - everything. A nutritionist has also come from Stroke of Hope and reemphasized everything I basically already knew because I had been given a diet to follow when I was diagnosed with diabetes. When I was independent I cooked for myself but now someone else prepares everything and that limits things for me so I eat what I get and I'm beginning to lose weight. I feel much better. So far I'm very happy with my support system and Stroke of Hope. I know I still have a long way to go but I do realize the improvement."



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